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Tenant Repair Request

Please submit your Notice of Repair in writing to us at gena@rosewoodpm.com. Copy the email address into the "To" section of your outgoing email. You will receive an email copy of the work order we send to our contractor for your repair. If you do not receive a response with 24 hours, please call our office at 541-923-6250 to confirm your repair request has been received.

By submitting this repair request, I acknowledge Rosewood Property Management hereby gives written 24 Hour Notice to Enter. I authorize Rosewood Property Management LLC, or their Agent, to enter without further notification for the purpose of this repair only. Entry will be made Monday thru Friday, between 8am and 5pm.
Work will not be done until written request is received. Tenants are responsible for purchasing & changing their own furnace filters/vent plugs/light bulbs. Grocery reimbursements are NOT given for deficient refrigerators. Any repair requests caused by tenants, or determined unnecessary (or that nothing is wrong) by the contractor, electrician, plumber or landlord, will be charged back to the tenant (i.e. a dishwasher plugged w/food; outlets/GFI/breakers "tripped"; toilets plugged/slow to flush; lightbulbs; drains plugged/clogged/slow to drain; frozen pipe damage).  Written notice from the tenant is required if any dangerous deficiencies are noticed.